Why do I always wait?

Can you believe Christmas is only four days away? AHHH  As you can see I am not ready….I always tell myself don’t do this, get the shopping done early…wrap before Christmas eve….do I do this….no. Am I alone? I think with more and more going on I lose track of why I am doing any of this in the first place…my kids…I have to admit I am a bit of a kid myself..who can resist a great cookie with frosting in the shape of Santa, or not really getting a good night sleep the night before because you can’t wait to see whats under the tree or what the faces of your little ones will look like when they open the perfect gift….ahhh the magic .The time we spend with family is priceless,irreplaceable.

I stop and think…slow down…take it all in…be with family…love on those kids…at 19 and 10 time goes really fast,before I know it they will be running around during the Christmas season for their own kids…Next year I will give it another try…I will not wait…How about you?

As we count down this year I look forward to next year. I have so many great ideas for homework to be fun and exciting,places we can visit (and learn from) some super fun craft ideas and more.I would love for you to join me a homeschooling mom on the many adventures that we find. Thanks for stopping by I’ll keep you posted on my last minute shopping finds!

Merry Christmas!



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