A good time to plan…

Well the bad weather finally came to Wisconsin. Well, maybe I shouldn’t say bad, so many people were praying for a white Christmas and didn’t see it so I guess those people are happy campers about now. Here in Wisconsin we wear shorts till it gets below 40 degrees(well most of us) and as much as we love to snuggle up to the warm fire in the fireplace it usually needs to get pretty cold before most of us complain. This winter has been a bit different last week I was shopping in a sweatshirt and today it is snowing /freezing rain….yikes! I’m one of those people who say it’s great to have a white Christmas but after that I’m fine if it starts to melt and we can move on to spring…not likely though January and February can be some cold long days.

With all the slipping and sliding I did this morning driving to the Fed-Ex store I decided to stay home and try to plan what my new years school calendar will look like and that sent me on a  search of other bloggers who homeschool and that had me reading and jotting down notes and getting so excited about all the things I would try to stuff into January…hahaha no really into this next few months. There is so much information out there and it just keeps getting easier to find it. When I first started homeschooling 18 years ago I had to sit in the library for days and bring home stacks of books to find out how in the world I was going to do this thing they called homesch0oling. It sure has been a journey and I have loved it every step of the way( with the exception of the days I thought I can’t do this any more ahhh)no really I had my doubts as with most moms and dad who choose this road but I’m really glad I stuck with it and my son who is in his third semester at  tech school would agree with me. My 10 year old son also is a big fan of learning at home.

So after reading and discovering some great new ideas I figured tomorrow  would be a new day and I would again set out to get this semesters lessons planned. Hmmm New Years is coming procrastination may get on that resolution list….that’s a whole new post!

Be blessed and snuggle those sweet babies tonight for this  day has gone by in a snap as they all do and time with them just goes to fast. Sweet dreams……


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