New Years Eve in or out?

Can you believe it is New Years Eve tomorrow? This year has flown by it feels like just yesterday we were at this exact moment. I remember it more then others maybe because January 1st is my birthday. Growing up I thought everyone had their birthday off from school and had a parade the whole nine yards.Poof then I grew up! But as I got older I knew how special it was to have this time with family and not have to ask for the day off from work.Every year my mom and dad come back from the south,that’s where they retired, to spend most of the month of December. Let me see first my moms birthday the 18th then a week later Christmas and a week after that my birthday! It is such a joy to have them come home and be able to visit for as long as we can keep them.  The last holiday we celebrate with my parents before they head back home is New Years Eve . This is another tradition we have started about 18 years ago. When my first son who is now 19 was born we thought it would be a great night to go out so Nana said she would watch Andrew so we could enjoy a nice meal out. Well of course we thought this was awesome idea so we made our plans and got all dressed up(for us casual ones this in itself is a feat)and set out for a great night, or so we thought. First the traffic was a nightmare and boy everyone was in a hurry more then normal. We arrived at the restaurant about ten minutes before our reservation but ended up waiting another hour.(we talked about every thing while we waited that was really nice ) when we did get seated and started looking over the menu the prices were higher then usual and then when the food arrived it was not as good as it would be on a regular evening that we had gone before.So what was our take on this great night out,yes it still was great,we would have just as nice of time at home and would save a ton of money that we could use eating out twice on different days. That’s when it started….every year since my parents come over we do steaks on the grill…and oh my goodness they are so good and shrimp in the deep fryer. We all get to reflect on what  events stand out from the past year and what we are glad is done. It’s such a great way to bring in the new year fresh.We love it, no long waits,great conversation,great food , half the cost and we all stay safe !

So what do you do for New Years Eve? Do you have a tradition or change it up every year? What ever you decide to do I hope you are with loved ones and stay safe.Happy New Year..may all your hopes come true!


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