What to do when it’s cold outside

It’s no secret that most of us want to pull our hair out when we hear these words…”I’m bored” “I have nothing to do”!!! I am no exception…A lot of us homeschool moms are home all day with our kids and have a few tricks up our sleeves of great things to do when it’s just a bit to cold to send them out. But sometimes you need some fresh ideas. So what do you do?

  1. In my house everything is fair game to be crafted or made into something(God forbid you throw out the toilet paper roll ,I mean really) so pull out your craft stuff…paper plates,toilet paper roll, construction paper, glue, glitter, stamps, scissors, popsicle sticks, markers, crayons, cardboard, paint….what ever you have and let the kids go nuts and create what ever they like. In the end I like to take clothes pins and hang them on a line to display what they have done.
  2. You see a dining room table they see a camp site out West or a cave they are hiding out in….pull out those sheets and blankets indoor forts are the best… hours of fun!!
  3. Have you ever wanted  to see that certain movie but haven’t had the time? Now is it…get that sleeping bag out and pop some popcorn put that DVD in and watch a movie in your pajama’s!
  4. Get some energy out and DANCE!!! Put on a cd and dance like no one is watching…(close the curtains if you are worried)
  5. My kids love science..so when it rains or is to cold these are the days I love to get the science kits out and try some new experiments out.      sciencebob.com or http://www.kidspot.com.au/ there are many more on the web or youtube.
  6. Ever try a treasure hunt…my youngest likes to pretend to be a miner(think headlight,lantern,wagon in the basement) so we take the gems you find at any craft store (they sell them by the bag near the flower arrangements) and hide them all over the basement then turn the lights off so he can use his head gear or lantern and find them…it’s actually really fun to see which kid can find more!

Now if you want to venture out of the house depending on how the roads are(snow plowed) the list is endless but here are a few.

  1. Museums…think dinosaurs..space..natural history…art…maybe something to go with what you are studying.
  2. The library…many have activities you can join or maybe you just want to try reading something new,a mystery,biography.
  3. Bowling…now who wouldn’t be up for a great game of bowling,this is fun for the whole family too.
  4. The local zoo….sometimes the best time to go to the zoo is in the winter…less crowds and animals that are usually to hot to move around a lot are out and about.
  5. Hands on art…many towns have a paint your pottery or jewelry making..check out your local art museum for information.
  6. See  what is playing at your local children’s theater .

What ever you do, what matters is that we  get this time with our kids..watch them grow and explore. Remember all the captivating first discoveries . I think learning should be fun and I think if we put our kids in some situations that don’t involve a workbook it fosters the love of learning because they don’t even know they are.

Have fun with your kids …kiss that forehead one more time and snuggle just a little longer…have a great day!



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