Is your child’s room like Albert Einsteins Desk?

Did you ever wonder if your child was going to make it from his door to his bed without breaking his neck but somehow managed to easily get there without stepping on a single thing? Been there many times. It’s the strangest thing I have one child who for his whole life (all 19 years…soooo old) has been neat and tidy. If you walk in his room at any time it is always clean. It almost makes me feel guilty because he is more organized then myself. (shh I will never tell him this.) Then you have number two son who could live in the chaos with a smile on his face and think nothing of it.(really)!

So after a trip to IKEA  I was in the mood to do some organizing. I thought to myself hmmm what room needs it the most and guess what, my son Benjamin’s room popped into my head. It really is a all day affair but after Christmas  it was time. Now I have heard all sorts of advice on how to get your child to get rid of things but for Benjamin it just isn’t that easy , so  since he is 10 and can make the mess he also needs to clean the mess.(He was so excited…not) I usually start with taking everything out , then going through to decide keep or toss or donate. The pile to keep for him usually is the largest (my guess is that you already knew that) but we work at it and one by one we get it down to a manageable amount of stuff. Now that will be different for all kids and’s whatever amount of stuff that works for you. All the bins, shelves,baskets in the world wont help if it is still to much to manage. I like Benjamin to be involved because not only is he in control a bit(or at least he feels this way) of where his “stuff”ends up but I feel he is learning how to handle his clutter for when he is on his own.


After some time we did it! Believe it or not there really is carpet under all that mess! Bed made,closet cleaned,floor vacuumed and wait for it …yes we even dusted! I was happy he was happy and the day went on.

The best part of cleaning is you find all sorts of things you thought were missing and you get to use them! Benjamin found all sorts of great cars and trains that went missing in the abyss. After some time had passed and he was quietly playing I peeked in to see how he was doing…..I had to shake my head and smile because he somehow managed to fill the floor once again. He was in his glory having the time of his life ,the enjoyment he was getting in just playing with his toys…how could one get mad, after all isn’t that why we buy them so they play and create and have fun?






In the end he does clean up for the most part and that last about a week and slowly the stuff starts to come to the middle of the room and we clean again. All this had me thinking…I remembered reading Albert Einstein once said  “If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, then what are we to think of an empty desk?”hmm and what about that…Benjamin is my creative thinker always thinking outside the box. So I guess for now as long as he keeps it in his room and he is happy I’m not going to stress about it. It’s one of those “pick your battle” moments. It may never be perfect but really,who am I kidding ,neither is mine…we can just hope .




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