Animal Tracks in the Snow

snow tracks 2

Today it is about 4 degrees outside so it is cold…to cold to play outside for sure but a quick trip around the house to check out all the cool animal tracks in the fresh snow…I can handle that.

I opened the curtain this morning to let some sun in to warm the house up a bit I look down I see these tiny little tracks and a tunnel in the snow…I though how cool then I thought oh…I hope that’s not a mouse coming that close to the house….the only mouse this girl likes has a first name of Mickey! This had me youngest loves to go outside,for some reason the cold never hits them this young, why not turn some fun into a great lesson.

As most homeschoolers do we look for the joy in learning something then we look to see what subject this could fall under.Art and science…could it get any better,my kids love these two, so off we go!

This day has turned into a great day of learning! I have managed to teach and learn something and get out and move around(that helps to warm you up for sure) and I haven’t heard the “I’m bored” yet!

animal-tracks guide

You don’t have to stop there head to Pinterst…countless ideas for crafts like hand print tracks with paints or make a mask of your favorite animal you just tracked.Crossword puzzles,word finds connect the track to the animal and so much more.

Want to find out more on the habits or activities of the animal head to the zoo or Library and get a great book that goes into detail. Hundreds of neat ideas await you on the Web…so have fun and see what walks by your house after dark!



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