Picture Perfect

Does anyone really post about how bad their day was or how the kids were swinging from the rafters and you just can’t take another day before you scream! Your house is a disaster the bathroom hasn’t been cleaned in a week and the laundry …well really do we need to go there? How about the amount of toys or “stuff” we hide 20 minutes before someone is to come over? The fact that little jimmy just clogged the toilet with to much paper or do I even go as far as a toy that  he thought would be cool to see if it would swim down the hole??? NO….. People want everyone to think life is wonderful, the kids are well behaved …always… the house is spotless and the dog is trained to get the paper for you in the morning. The truth is no one is always either way,but why do we feel the need to put up this front…make this crazy life seem so flawless?

We all want other moms or dads to think we have all this totally under control…but do we? I know I don’t, some days it’s a miracle I get dinner done by 5 and I feel like I really got it going on when the house is picked up and someone comes to the door unannounced….don’t hold your breath though that only happens once in a while. My luck is usually the door bell rings and I go into panic mode and think ..oh gosh who could it be , please be UPS,did I order something…crap did I have plans?? No it’s the neighbor stopping by ..my hair is a mess ,the house could really have benefited from seeing a dust mop and oh boy come on in!! But I survive and of course solemnly swear that I will for sure be on the ball and never have that happen again….NOT!

So…what should we do? With all that happens every day , all the expectations I guess we have to just relax. It would be really nice if instead of competing we would try supporting, instead of judging we start accepting. Life is hard sometimes we all go through stuff that sets us back or takes us by surprise. Some days are so full of roses that we hate to blink because we don’t want that feeling  to leave,  and other days we can’t wait for the tide to change. I feel so blessed with my kids and husband ,I know how very lucky I am,is my life perfect …no but I don’t need it to be. Without all the bumps and dirty dishes,all the chaos and the noise…I know the days are numbered before the kids are grown and out of the house…so for me I am going to step back and feel the moment enjoy the moment and let the dust bunnies take up residence for a few more years. I don’t want to miss the Legos all through out the living room or the water drops on the floor from the fridge to the table because the glass was just a bit to full all to have everything to someone else’s standards. I challenge  all of us to set aside what can wait and focus on what is really important . Enjoy our children..not worry so much about what others think. Before we know it..it will be the last time one of our kids drags sand in from outside because he gets to old to play in the sandbox or we don’t have to scrap playdough off the table because jeez mom that’s for little kids. Sometimes I think it’s just as simple as doing the best we can….doing what we feel in our hearts is best. Until someone brings me the lost instruction manual I’m going to trust my gut and my heart and love this family with all I have!…



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