17 Years Ago….

17 years ago..I remember watching on TV as all these kids started running out of their school crying and screaming. I remember watching the law enforcement cars and ambulances trucks….I remember the sadness and fear and heartache. I remember crying watching these kids and parents who were searching the parking lot trying to find their loved ones.  April 20 1999 ,17 years ago Columbine High School in Colorado was one of  the many school shootings we have had in this country.


I watched again as I tuned in to see the interview with Diane Sawyer ,she was interviewing Sue Klebold, the mom of shooter Dylan Klebold. You can see the pain in her eyes and hear it in her voice.She is so sorry for what her child has done.

12 kids and 1 teacher were killed that day and then these boys Dylan and Eric Harris killed themselves……

I know your not supposed to feel bad for the parents of these boys that killed so many..or are we. I do…I can help but feel her pain. It’s not like any of us parents want to raise a murderer. We don’t set out one day and hope our kids will be such  a disgrace to society.She felt she was raising a good kid, she had counselors say the same since his grades were good, he talked about future plans for college. Yes, he was lonely at times ,had some trouble with the law and other issues fitting in….but did she think he would ever hurt someone else much less kill someone? I don’t think so.She has gone over ever inch of his childhood looking to where she missed the signs,how she could have prevented this.

In the clip you could hear other parents blaming her, she I guess had a hard time returning to work and even being in town. Her marriage of 30 years ended in divorce. Now I’m not saying these families of the victims shouldn’t be mad or upset and God know they need to blame someone and since the boys who did this killed themselves the parents are left. I know if it were my child who was killed…I would want to blame too. But my thoughts kept going back to how is a parent to know??

Sometimes there are obvious signs sometimes not..sometimes it may be just a matter of taking some time to listen,ask questions, be noisy and see what they are up to.

I wanted a conversation to start with families not just with the kids who attend school outside of the house but homeschooled kids too. I am so lucky, I have never had to worry when you drop your kids off at the door for school, I have never had to pray all day that they would be okay till I picked them up….I had them at home with me. But all kids go through some tough issues growing up whether at home or at school. Kids need someone they an trust and someone they can turn too. If you think your child needs help don’t be ashamed. We love our kids, we all see the good in them and they are good. They are little pieces of heaven walking around and in our lives so we can shape and mold them and help them be the best they can be….

I don’t want to watch yet another child die from a classmate or anyone else for the matter. I don’t know what the answer is all together . I know I  sat here for two days thinking of all the families involved in the Columbine shooting once again…sad for them..inspired by them. I hope we can solve this epidemic of violence so no other family needs to hurt..

Hug your kids,love on them ,pray for them….I know I will more….