The First Ride

Today was a great day….The weather is finally starting to warm up and some very antsy kids were able to go outside. It seems that even if you go outside in the winter to sled or hike through snow it’s never the same as that first day you can bring out your bike.

In the Midwest we will wear shorts at 45 degrees and whine when the temp reaches 85 in the summer with humid days. Kids they don’t care though if it’s not raining and they will not  get frostbite we are good to go. But today it was 61 degrees and that is just the right temp to dust off the bike and enjoy the day!


This was the day…the rest of the week it is going to rain or snow some more so today we took advantage of the beautiful sneak peek at what spring will be.

The kids love to ride down to lake and walk around the beach to see if they can find anything cool. My oldest humors the youngest because Boo believes he will find washed up treasures from a sunken ship or maybe even a pirates treasure chest. He brings home rusty pieces of metal and rocks that look like coal or the best a piece of drift wood that of course came off a boat. I love to see him get so excited and his imagination soar.


The beauty of homeschooling is they can take their time growing up, no one will tease him call  him  crazy or think it’s just for babies, he will be able to just have fun and be a kid.He can take his time and enjoy being a kid. the  innocence, they grow up too fast as it is.

It’s not going to be to long, maybe a few more weeks and this outside play will be old hat, but for today it was so appreciated,needed and very welcomed.

So until you get to smell the first flowers,taste a s’mores from the campfire or just kick back poolside while the kids swim, hang in there the light is shining through.


Be blessed



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