The power of words….some say the tongue has no bones but is strong enough to break a heart so be careful with your words.. Some words are used not to hurt us but to build us up, to make us feel appreciated and those are the words I would like to talk about today.

download (1)thank you

Thank you… crazy how those two words can make someone feel so good about what ever it was they did…hold a door,send a card, just be there for a friend in need. They make us want to do better,to help more sometimes even without being asked. Thank you makes us feel good! The two words we teach our kids as soon as they can barely utter a word “Thank you”! Have any of you found that those words are missing from the conversation today? That we take our friends, loved ones, even co-workers for granted.6359412499310138501557867529_thank-you-1400x800-c-default

Today I did and I have to say I can’t believe how much it hurt my feelings that the person I love didn’t say it. Crazy right, I mean I know he appreciates my help and I am sure he was tired but I just wanted to hear those two words…for what ever they give us emotionally I really wanted to hear them. They did finally come only  after I declined to help tomorrow..(I know mature of me not to help) but I felt like hey it’s a bit late. Then I had to stop and  look at myself,do I always remember…hmmm I hope I do but maybe I have also forgotten. In fact I am sure I have(grrr) because just like the person who hurt my feeling today I am human and so is he…(hate that when that happens)


So you know what two words I had to come up with next…yep you guessed it “I’m sorry”…I’m sorry I acted immature…I’m sorry I expected you to be perfect when I myself am not…I’m sorry I let something get between us without telling you how I felt.

Pheww I do feel better and you know you can teach an old dog new tricks..(small amount of humor) I will be helping tomorrow just in case you were wondering,because I know it’s the right thing to do and I truly want to help. I will remember how I felt and be sure to say thank you next time someone does something nice for me no matter how small or expected it is because yep..saying thank makes us feel good!

Night all and “Thanks” for reading blessing to you….



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