Slow down baby….

I can hardly believe my baby is 11 years old today!! The time sure does fly by and I wish I could put the brakes on. I remember so much of these past 11 years and of course some things I look at a picture and think oh my goodness I forgot that all ready… Pictures people always take pictures…as I get older I so appreciate them all the more.This song hit me said everything I was thinking…take a listen warning grab a tissue 😉


I have to admit a small part of me feels sad as every birthday comes and goes because it’s just one step closer to them being on their own. I know I know this is what ever parent is supposed to want and train each child to achieve. Don’t get me wrong I do want my boys to  be able to contribute  to this beautiful world we live in I just want to soak them up a bit more.

At out house it’s tradition for the birthday boy  to pick his favorite dinner….wait for it…grilled cheese, wow I get off so easy…hahaha. We also bake the cake or in Doodlebugs case cupcakes together. So much fun! He picked yellow food coloring( his favorite color) for the frosting and helped measure everything to mix. I tuck this memory away also but for now I am loving every minute!


Happy birthday to my little man, my Doodlebug,budding scientist, lovebug and Boo you mean the world to me and make me so happy and proud…I love all the time we share and love watching you grow and learn and love life….thank you for being you and bringing a big smile to my heart everyday! Love you……mom


Be blessed ….


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