Hi my name is Kris, I have been  happily married for 22 years to a great guy! I’m a homeschool mom to two boys, my oldest 19 and my youngest 10.  Bean is done..well at least on my part,he is in his 3rd  semester at college. Pheww  one down and he is doing great..okay I did something right…I just recently became a full time stay at home mom after almost 20 years of working part time in a office. Not by choice but I have to admit I really love it. I started reading blogs and reading a lot . I used to have people coming in and out of the office all day to chat with and exchange views, then when the office closed I thought wow I really miss that so I thought why not…maybe someone out there has the same ideas or crazy life sometimes that comes my way as I do. So after some coaxing from my oldest son Valued time blog started.I hope you find some great ideas maybe  a crazy story or maybe just find some comfort in knowing that you as a mom are not alone in this parenting with no directions thing!

I have homeschooled from preschool on to high school for Bean and Boo is somewhere in between. I’ve tried almost every curriculum you can imagine and found some I love and some …well not so much. I have paid big money for some and used the library for a lot more! I love to find just the right book or program I feel will grab their attention and  spark that curiosity! Most of all though I like to find it on a budget.

I also have heard everything from how are you going to socialize them to are you sure you are qualified….my favorite you didn’t like school when you were in it, how can you teach your own kids?…..ahhh yes the many times I would question this journey and then see my kids love what they were learning or do better then I expected…then I knew this  was  the right path despite what others said….even if I have to look up many words just to make sure they are spelled correct…chuckle chuckle.

Besides homeschooling… I love to quilt,scrapbook,stamp and just about any craft I can get my hands on. Spring and Summer are my favorite seasons as I love to get outside and take long walks or garden.  One year I will master the garden,but it is fun learning .Reading a great book on the back patio while Benjamin builds his latest sand creation is so relaxing! I hate to admit but hanging laundry outside in the Summer is the best…I love the smell and how it looks flowing in the wind…yes… see crazy..my other favorite chore vacuuming…yep my kids laugh and say enough already!!!  Oh and laugh….life happens and sometimes you just  have to laugh. But the most important and what makes my heart swell is spending time with my kids and hubby…they make life so much fun and so worth getting up every day and saying  thank you Jesus for this day you have given and thank you Jesus for this awesome life and family.That’s me…I’m sure I left out a few things but along the way I’m sure they will come out.

So if you are just stopping by for a minute or like what you read and want to join me for the long haul welcome friend, we can start this journey together!


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